MISFUEL ASSISTANCE – wrong fuel in tank

emergency misfuel assistance dublin

MBS Recovery would like to presents our new breakdown assistance: Misfuel assistance for wrong fuel in tank

Just a moment of inattention ending up with wrong fuel in your car tank.
If you filled petrol in diesel engine or diesel into petrol motor, just keep calm do not start an engine!
Just call out our professional mobile breakdown misfuel assistance team.

Diesel instead of petrol- when add small amount of diesel to petrol engine and notice it, do not start the engine! Your car needs siphon of wrong fuel. If you start, car towing to mechanic will be necessary or can call our mobile breakdown assistance. Nothing will happen to engine but it could be effected to catalyst. Our team will siphon off fuel, flush whole system, change filters.

Petrol instead of diesel- the most common and danger case. When filled wrong fuel to diesel engine you can still start and drive several kilometres meanwhile petrol will harms car engine. The motor should manage with 5-7 % of wrong fuel in oldest car tanks. Situation is worse with new cars because they have Common Rail system.  Petrol is very bad as lubricant and this mistake ends up damaging pump and injectors.

We can reach you wherever you are in short time from your call.
Our misfuel assistance van is well prepared with professional equipment to remove wrong fuel from the tank.
Experienced staff will drain old fuel and will perfectly clean by flush whole fuel system in the car.
That will save your time or money and as the most important will save your car engine.

Our mobile misfuel ASSISTANCE SERVICE will come wherever you are: gas station, on the road, home or school.